Why is it the right time for women to initiate the journey from being home-MAKERS to becoming home-OWNERS?

Why is it the right time for women to initiate the journey from being home-MAKERS to becoming home-OWNERS?

Owning a house has been one of the topmost priorities of each individual since ages. While it sometimes seems challenging, the benefits that accrue along with the ownership makes it worthwhile. When you own your own house, you have complete creative freedom – to renovate the kids’ room in jungle theme, or to have the walls painted in super bright colours. You also have more freedom and control over costs, when you’re renting, your landlord can decide to increase your rent, leaving you with little choice but to accept it or get hit with moving costs. Besides the emotional benefits, property prices usually appreciate in the long term, enhancing owner’s wealth overtime.  

Traditionally, women in the family had little involvement in the most important decision of purchasing a house. Slowly, women took a leap to become the major influencer in the purchasing decision. In today’s times with financial independence becoming pivotal, women are again taking a leap from being a decision influencer to becoming a home owner. 

Housing investment is also turning out to be one of the best and safest investment in today’s times of uncertainties. With the plummeting stock market (along with the regular ups and downs), falling interest rates on FDs and stagnation in gold prices, investment in real estate is undoubtedly the safest investment today. Further giving an impetus to women purchasers, Assam Government has reduced stamp duty charges by 1% for women applicants since 1st October, 2021 (The applicable Stamp Duty charges as of today are 7%, 6% and 4% for male, joint application and female respectively). 

Modern-day women with their education and awareness show desirability to become financially independent and take decisions based on their credibility and understanding. With the housing sector offering ample opportunities for growth and wealth creation, it is certainly the perfect time for women to take the leap from being homemakers to bread earners and now, proud homeowners. 

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