What makes Achyut SRKM Altair an ideal home for you?

Achyut SRKM Altair

What makes Achyut SRKM Altair an ideal home for you?


Home – a paradise on earth, where we spend our entire life and cherish the beautiful memories we shared with our loved ones. Spending a beautiful and quality time in your own home is altogether a different feeling and we always desire to live in. Hence, Achyut Group are in an expedition to fulfil the dreams of every family by introducing some of the best properties in town and one such as Achyut SRKM Altair.

Achyut SRKM Altair, located in Lokhra Road, Guwahati is spread across 40464 sq. area to provide utmost comfort and convenience to its residents of all age groups. Moreover, Achyut SRKM Altair helps you to elevate your life while perfectly maintaining your life balance.

Let’s try to understand what makes Achyut SRKM Altair an ideal home for you and how it is different from the rest.

  • Spacious and Serene Living

The Achyut SRKM Altair consist of 72 spacious apartments varies from 2BHK and 3BHK categories along with few which are equipped with private terrace. Further, the complex flooring is divided as B1 + B2 + G + 9 floors. As the property is spread across wide area gives an additional benefit to its residence and provide 62% open space, which further results in providing ample green spaces and help people to savour the joy of life anytime.

  • Ease of Connectivity

The Achyut SRKM Altair is centrally located which easily connect the property with the city altogether. The commuters need to spare less time in travelling and relentlessly enjoy the 360° convenience all the time without any hassle.

  • Exclusive Amenities

Delineated with exclusive amenities further improve the living standards of its residences. From gymnasium to recreational community hall, aid people to rejuvenate their soul and harmonies their life while building a community together.

  • A Perfect Space for all Age Group

At Achyut SRKM Altair, there are sufficient space created so that you can not only enjoy a community programme duly assembled the persons of all age groups and celebrate life every day. Bond your connection within the lap of nature and enjoy the greenery and happy breeze always. Most importantly, live your childhood again while witnessing children’s laughter and goofiness.

  • Kids Play Area

Your tiny tots need their own paradise to explore their curiosities. Keeping in view the fact, Achyut SRKM Altair has designed a personal space for the eccentric minds, so that they can easily prospect their imaginations and discover new avenues in their life.

In addition, the property also offers two cricket pitches for the children, so that they can explore their passion for the game at the early stage of their life.

  • The Getaway

Lastly, the Achyut SRKM Altair provides the private terrace to some of the apartments, so that the residents can spend quality time with like-minded people in the midst of nature. This feature gives a unique touch to the property, which make it stand out from the rest.


The Achyut SRKM Altair is an ideal place for the people if they are planning to start a new beginning to their life. All the essential facilities are available here to make every moment of their life joyous and to unwind the magic of love and togetherness. Moreover, the aesthetic arrangements as being provided by the dealer help people to share moments of camaraderie.

About Us:

Achyut Group is a trusted brand due to its ethical values among the customer, vendors and competitors. We believe in creating environment friendly green buildings by conserving energy, water and wood. The promoters of Achyut Group combine over 20+ years of experience in the construction legal, finance and marketing sector.

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