Most Common Items that Show Up during Home Inspection Reports

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Most Common Items that Show Up during Home Inspection Reports

Every individual puts their utmost dedication and care into a building or buying the house of their dreams. The best cement, strong infrastructure, quality tiles, to name a few, are what people keep in mind while giving shape to their homes. However, it is not unusual that few things might need a replacement or repair. Therefore, it is necessary that a home inspection be done before entering a house that you bought or are about to buy to ensure security and safety.

Here, we bring to you a list of the most common items that show up on the reports-

1. HVAC Servicing and Cleaning– In order to make sure that the ACs and furnaces are clean and functioning correctly, an HVAC expert will inspect the following: air filters, fan blades, motors, drain pipes, and evaporator coils.

2. Plumbing Issues– During an inspection, outdated or leaking polybutylene pipes might be found. These need to be swapped out for copper or PEX plumbing. Also, rust, low water pressure, slow drainage, and broken seals are all frequent issues that inspectors find.

3. Roof Shingles Loose/Missing– It is very common to find roof shingles that are broken, bent, or missing. Flashings are another common item that may be broken or lacking. In most cases, a properly done patch or replacement job by a certified roofer suffices instead of a new roof.

4. Site Grading/Foundation Settling– To avoid water entering the basement or creating foundation issues, the land around the base of the house should slope away. The material around your foundation will be filled up or compacted by a skilled excavation or waterproofing expert so that it slopes sufficiently away from your foundation. A suitable gutter and drainage system can also be an additional option. On driveways and foundations, some cracking and settling is typical, but your inspector or foundation specialist will let you know if it needs additional inspection.

5. Insufficient Insulation/Ventilation– Attic insulation in many homes is insufficient, which results in ineffective heating and cooling. Poor ventilation may result from blocked roof soffits or from a lack of additional roof vents. A roofing or insulation specialist will fix damaged or insufficient insulation, add more insulation or remove enough ventilation.

6. Electrical Panel– Some houses may have modern electronics and appliances, yet they might not be powered by enough amperage. If not improved, this could pose major safety risks and wiring problems. A certified electrician will install the panel and make sure the power supply and wiring are appropriate.

7. Radon, LBP and Mold– These three environmental dangers have serious negative effects on health. Houses in specific regions of the country need to be radon-tested regularly. For places larger than 100 square feet, a mold remediation company should be contacted or a competent radon mitigation system should be installed by a professional.

8. Termites– Termite Damage can be severe and expensive, depending upon how long the pests have been active. If your house is located in an area plagued by termites, it is best to have routine and scheduled treatments throughout the year. When a Home Inspector is hired, make sure that you have your house checked properly for the presence of termites. 


Home inspections should always be carried out by a reputable and licensed Home Inspector. It is important that you go through every detail of the inspection report so that you don’t miss out on anything that needs special attention. Communicate well with the Home Inspector when the inspection is going on so that while buying yourself a new place to stay, you can have a good investment, and seek comfort and safety; have a place that you can call home. 

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